Saturday, September 26, 2009

cheese and things

Tapijulapa Cascades
Random things I've seen in the last few days:
  • a 20-something hotel desk clerk carving a pietà out of pink soap
  • bats buzzing near my head in a dank cave of stalactites
  • a shower head covered with mosquitoes
  • chickens scratching in the dirt, surrounded by a dozen frenzied chicks
  • a dreamy waterfall with no one swimming in it but me
  • dozens of men brazenly riding a rusted-out freight train
  • a very loud evangelist ministering to the passengers of an intercity bus
  • the intersection of two waterways, one muddy brown and the other a deep blue-green
  • a billboard for a political candidate whose first name is Darling
  • female high school students wearing Pepto Bismal pink uniforms
  • a young boy following me on his bike so he could talk to me as I walked to the bus
  • pickup trucks full of cops driving around and looking bored but sociable
  • a kitschy altar to Frida Kahlo in a pizzeria
  • an entire museum dedicated to marimbas
  • a store called "Quesos & Cosas"

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